Your system, our care!

What we do?

We repair solar inverters.

As a company we specialise in maintaining and repairing inverters. Inverters that take care of injecting the energy of your solar panels onto the power grid.

In our brand new laboratory we are executing reparations at the level of components. We are equipped with the most advanced measuring and testing material to thoroughly test and repair your inverter.

Thanks to our drive, knowledge, and passion we succeed to repair more than 90% of all defect inverters.

Repairing your inverter is the cheapest and most durable solution. No need to adapt or revalidate your current pv-installation.

A defective inverter? We can help you!


What advantages does it offer to repair your broken inverter?

Limiting waste.

Up to 70% less electronic waste!


A repair is cheaper than a new device, up to 85%!


Our service guarantees fast and perfect repair!

  • Our assets

    Already more than 15 years of experience in electronics repair and 10 years in the photo-voltaic sector.

    We repair according to the rules of art and afterwards we do extensive tests.

    Young and dynamic team.

    Our KPI's

    Repair more than 90% of the devices.

    Repair within 7 days after receipt.

    Correct error diagnosis and pricing within 48h.

Is your device defective? That's how it works:

1 Send

You or a transporter brings the device to us.

2 Research

We do extensive research on your device.

3 Diagnosis.

We will diagnose your device and provide you with a cost for repair.

4 Decision

You decide to have the repair performed or not.

5 Repair

We repair your device and perform the necessary tests.

6 Return

The inverter can be retrieved.

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